jio 4g voice apk download

jio 4g voice apk download

First download and install jio4gvoice apk on your android mobile.After completion of installation open the app signup with you are jio unique sim card number.Now go to dialer section on your mobile and enter the number which is you want to connect.Now it is going to connect to the other number wait it will take only few milliseconds to connect.

Now you can use this app as jio 4g free voice calling android app.This jio 4g voice apk is working with voLTE signal so this signal is very much better than 2G/3G signal .

Through JioFi ( Reliance Modem) you can also use LTE features. This is not just for only this is also available for Rich Communication Services (RCS) in India.

RCS has exciting features such as Rich Call, Group Chat, file share, location share, doodles, Chat, stickers and many more are available.

what Jio 4G Voice does :
• JIO 4G provides high definition video and voice calls on your existing any type of mobiles we can use 4G services by using this app and this service may be used like if you use sim or with out sim we cna make use of the jio 4G voice.
If it is not a sim we can use jiofi connected to your phone by using the jiofi device and if you have two thing in your mobile it is very fast and easy to operate your phone one is jio sim and other is jio 4G voice apk download it from the play store or in my site i provide a link to download the jio4gvoice download .
• By installing the jio 4G voice we can ebjoy all the features in any phone at anywhere in India .
Features of jio 4g voice app:-
HD Voice & Video Calling:
Here in this jio we can stay connected with the jio 4G hd calls to all other networks and you cna be with your family ,friends and you can work at the home easily by using this jio sim and you can make calls all over the worls from jan 1 2017 and you can slo call for the landline number also.

You can enjoy group conversations with many of the participants and enjoy video calling and voice calling only Hd calls with efficent way.


Rich Call:-
here we can enjoy the more calls and also the messages onthe beautiful way to express the rich way of using the jo 4G and we can send the photos and aslo location to the others.

We can intimate the important things to the other users the other user have pop up any window on the user’s screen and intimating them the matter and these are all the rich speeches involved in this jio 4G voice.
In Call Share :-
Here in call share is nothing but calling also made more fun and we can express our thoughts and quick doodle and many more features are there in this app.

We can share the location to the others by a single click and we can make meeting point in real time and we can share all teh messages to all the equried members we need and we cna share the directions to all and we have many more features in this jio voice 4G voice app.

Her i provide a link to download the jio4Gvoice apk and click here to download the app .The onbething you need is a jio sim and a jio 4G voice app.


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